Aside from their aim to create sustainably produced wines with limited intervention, Allen and Andrea have steadfast quality expectations and a reverence for European styles. DogRock wines are elegant, balanced and flavourful—contrasting with high-alcohol, overripe wines—and yet remain innovative and interesting.

During the winemaking process, each type of fruit is treated in a different manner, taking the peculiarities of each season into consideration. New oak treatment and maturation length is also individual to each wine. Wines are filtered to ensure they are free from spoilage, while intervention is minimal after fermentation begins. At DogRock it is a solid belief that good wines evolve without winemakers pushing them in any one direction year after year.

DogRock wines reflect their place of origin. Riesling, as an example, is somewhat different from the classic Australian version of this varietal. Hand harvested and whole-bunch pressed, lees contact adds palate weight and texture. Combined with a complex flavour, the intent of this wine is ultimate drinkability. The sparkling red blend is similarly unique. Utilising Tempranillo, Shiraz and Grenache in various percentages, this is the only sparkling red wine with this blend in the world as far as Allen and Andrea are aware.

DogRock is forging a new style that revolves around making wines that are softer, with more textural palate weight and that will age and drink well for decades. Ultimately, Allen and Andrea aim to produce wines second to none in quality with high drinkability and which, most importantly, taste good.