Winery & Vineyards

The DogRock winery is nestled above the small township of Crowlands on the Western side of Victoria’s Pyrenees mountain range. Surrounded by rocky ridges on three sides, the vineyards lie in a horse shoe-shaped valley, each with their own distinct microclimate.

This specific site, selected for its potential for premium winemaking and self-sustainability, is idyllic for producing the delicately complex wines in the DogRock range. This harmonious environment is one that has the ability to produce exceptional quality wines—naturally.

Within the carefully-planned vineyards each grape variety is planted strategically—Riesling and Chardonnay are nestled behind the northern slopes where they are protected from the summer’s hot north winds, keeping the vines cool—the grapes thus retaining their delicate and fresh fruit flavours.

In contrast, red varietals—Shiraz, Grenache and Tempranillo—are planted on the south-eastern, north facing slopes to maximise sunlight exposure. High sunshine hours and dry, warm summers leading into harvest are perfect for the production of famous Pyrenees Shiraz, and the ancient soils at DogRock are ideally suited to the production of complex and savoury reds in this cool to moderate climate. In fact, this climate is very similar to the Rioja region of Spain and the Southern Rhone Valley of France, which produce some of the finest wines in the world.